Nurse Mary’s Sick School Boy


Welcome! Is it your first time visiting the school nurse? That’s okay! I’ll do everything I can to help you feel comfortable. I know I’m located in the school’s office, but I do everything I can to keep what we do private, although it does get busy around here. You say you have a tummy ache? Oh, no! Let’s see what’s going on. First, I need to take your temperature and I know it’s embarrassing, but I’ll have to get a rectal temp. Usually tummy aches happen because you might need to use the restroom and can’t. I’ve got something to help you. It’s called an enema. Come check out my profile at Or give me a call at 1*888*851*1772. I can’t wait to be your new favorite nurse!


Stupid Doo Doo Diaper Boy


I smell a stinky! That can’t possibly be you, can it? Oh, it is you! You made a doo doo in your pants. What you need is a strict nanny to help potty train you properly. I’ll change your diaper, but you’ve got to make an effort to be a good adult baby just like I know you can be. Accidents happen, but you’re my best boy and I’ll guide you through learning how to be a big boy. You’ll enjoy your time with me! Give me a call and we’ll talk about all your dirty little habits and how I can help you break them.

Nanny Gwen

Mommy Ruby Needs More Sissies!!!

Did you know there’s no such thing as too many sissies? That’s right, no matter how many sissies come to me for my special kind of discipline and humiliation, I always have room for more! I’ll let you choose from my wide array of strap ons, dresses, and diapers. Do you need to be potty trained? I do that too. No one means more to me than my precious ABDLs and no matter what your fetish, I am the best mommy for the job of taking care of you. I have lots planned for our phone sex fantasy call. XOXOXO.



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I’m Telling Your Girlfriend…

…That you wear diapers. What do you think she’ll say when she finds out? Do you think she’ll want to be your girlfriend anymore? Probably not, but I will. I adore Abies–adult babies! Not only do you wear diapers, you also suck your thumb. You’re just a big baby who needs a sitter like me to watch you while your mom and dad are away. Lucky for you I don’t mind changing dirty diapers. I’ll put you in a clean diaper and take the best care of you ever! And as long as you do everything I say, I won’t tell. Your fetish can be our little secret.



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